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A 30 year old beautiful, stylish and intelligent lifestyle Domme of Egyptian descent, to whom the sexual subjugation and enslavement of men is a serious lifelong passion.

This is not a job to me, but a serious heartfelt mission, and while in my young years I have experienced much in the cause of female dominance, I regard myself as learning all the time, and I never fail to be excited and amazed by where this journey takes us. I regard my time spent with a client as a mutual creative journey which enhances both our lives.

If I should accept you into my small and exclusive stable of paying clients, you can expect a unique and personal customised experience , in which our mutual deepest desires will be unforgettably fused. I do not conduct end to end sessions throughout the day – I have another life as a serious and skilled creative professional – but choose my clients carefully, and put great thought and care into the time we spend together.

My approach is sensual, psychological and sadistic , and I require you to be as serious about your submission as I am. Do not approach me for a quick spank and wank, there are plenty of other options available to you for that. I treat clients with discretion, intelligence and respect, and expect the same in return. If you think that “respect’ is a curious thing for me to offer, I most certainly do not think less of a man for his willingness to submit, succumb and serve his superior. A man who has the emotional honesty to offer himself for enslavement is the kind of man I admire; but let’s be clear, I admire you under my heel, I respect you at the end of my whip, I honour your submission. Your male ego is left at the door, or crawls out whimpering after spending time with me.

I know what you want. Annihilation of your ego, obliteration of your stupid barriers and a reduction to your essence, the child within. Through pain, you seek redemption. I understand that. One session won’t give you all you need, but will be the beginning of a journey, the destination of which is that you are re-shaped, re-made and re-born.

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