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BetterThanABed is one of london’s longest running dungeons in central London and has been in existence for 26 years. Many renowned UK and international Dominatrices have worked in this beautiful Georgian dungeon over the years. They came, and still come, from far and wide to enjoy the exquisite pain and pleasure of BDSM in our decadent quarters! The current owner, Patricia, has been in residence for 15 years and has a commitment to opening up the facilities to all those interested in enjoying BDSM play. Over the last few years she has adapted it from a working dungeon into a rentable play space where everyone can come and enjoy the erotic atmosphere of this unique place.

There is a large selection of bespoke play equipment: a stretch rack, cross, cage, spanking benches, throne, sling and suspension points as well as many toys and implements of torture for your delectation. There is also an extremely comfortable bed for romping around on or relaxing after a long night playing. All this is within a self contained georgian apartment complete with bathroom. Perfectly located just minutes walk away from London’s West End, we offer naughty overnight stays (with an optional continental breakfast!) as well as shorter bookings for that kinky quickie.

Our prices are reasonable and booking is simple so treat yourself to the ultimate- play time at BetterThanABed.

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