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I am a trained practitioner in BDSM, as both a Domina and submissive (switch-Mistress), having trained in one of Australia's most famous dungeons by internship.

I'm intelligent, well-educated, traveled, elegant (most of the time) and challenging (all of the time). I have an MA degree from one of the UK's top universities, and I am passionate about a wide variety of things. I enjoy architecture, fine art, archaeology, theatre, opera, fine dining and travel. Going for walks in nature, soaking in new sights and scents. I collect obscure perfumes from around the world.

I have a variety of interests as a Domina. Each individual only suits some of these areas, and I intuitively tailor my practices to fit their 'best use' and psychology, but amongst these are:

- Psychological fantasy Power-Play (The mind is the greatest erogenous zone of the body)

- Bondage, entrapment & caging (Whether in leather cuffs, shibari rope or cold steel)

- Traditional English Corporal Punishment (I am very adept at spanking and caning, for which I can thank not only my training but also a former landlord who liked to be caned each week when he picked up the rent!)

- Sensory deprivation (Body bags, hoods, or padded sensory deprivation cupboard to take you to la-la land)

- Simulated torture & medical experimentation (Nipple torture, cock and ball torture, electrics, etc)

- Sensory play & nipple play (Of a more sensory and sensual exploration)

- Forced rituals and worship (The Goddess is always present in My erotic space)

- Flogging and whips (Soft and opulent floggings, or heavier more masochistic beatings depending on level)

- Endorphin play and driving ecstatic states and altered states of consciousness (via pain play & tactile play)

- Humiliation, obedience training and putting subjects to appropriate use (lowering the man to his place)

- Transformation, gender-fuck, accordance of new roles (sissies, butlers, servants, etc)

- Cuckoldry and teasey torment (many Dominas don't partake in this, but I enjoy real and deep power-play)

- Consensual blackmail and financial domination (non-exploitative, after all I am a white witch rather than a black witch, and apply ethics and fairness to my approach)

I keep a very discreet profile and am booked out 1-2 weeks in advance

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