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London MistressI am a beautiful and sensual East London Mistress with wide experience in the following areas of discipline:

1) Corporal Punishment. Mistress is proficient with whip, cane and flogger. She administers pain to the correct levels at all times and can either mark or not, depending on what has been agreed with the client.

2) CBT. Her perfect size 5.5 feet slip easily into CBT boots and shoes and are the ideal shape for dealing with this kind of need. Levels are agreed prior to the commencement of sessions.

3) Foot Worship. She is YouTube's most celebrated foot fetish Mistress, (over 2.5 million people cannot be wrong!) and to have the opportunity to worship her feet in person is more than most submissives can dream of. Her skin is very soft and clients confess that they have never had such a seminal experience as that which they have enjoyed with her. She has over 600 pairs of shoes and boots to augment the worship and a vast range of stockings with which to adorn herself. She is regularly told that the aroma of her perfect little feet is so erotic that just to smell them brings untold pleasures. Mistress always wears her trademark ankle chain.

4) Role-play. Mistress has many different guises for domination and her favourites are: headmistress, office manager, Chief Executive Officer, female Naval Officer, secret service interrogator and domineering girlfriend/wife. She also poses as the beautiful yet unattainable secretary, which seems very popular.

5) Financial Domination. She is very adept at getting her point across and is gifted on both the telephone and in person. She knows just where the client's weak spot is and believe me, she will always locate it, however hard the client tries to keep it hidden.

6) Sissification. With her extensive wardrobe of dresses, wigs, makeup and shoes up to Size UK12, she can create anyone from a beautiful spy to a common street slut. From the moment the client arrives, he can go into transformation mode and reveal the his innermost desires to bring out his femininity.

7) Enslavement and Bondage. Mistress has completed rope and encasement tuition. She will ensure a bound and gagged session will be most rewarding!

8) Watersports.

9) Couples Domination. Mistress accepts both male and female clients. She is happy to arrange for a heightened session where both male and female are subjugated completely, submitting to Mistress in all ways.

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